How to use Voucher Codes when booking a course - Course Participant User Guide


  • Please ensure that the ‘Organisation’ (Club/ School/ CB/ Society) has assigned the Voucher to the account that you have logged into GMS with.
  • Please confirm with your ‘Organisation’ the amount and type of Voucher that they have allocated to your account before trying to book onto a course.
  • For all England Rugby Award Courses, please ensure you meet the prerequisites and have completed the Headcase eLearning before trying to book onto your course. Please allow 48 hours for this to appear- your status against the course will need to show as ‘Attended’ in order for you to book.
  • If you have been provided with a direct URL link from your club or org then proceed to Step 4.

Step 1- Login:  

Use your current login details to sign into your profile. If you do not have an account, you can create one here. 

Step 2- Confirm Voucher and Book onto a Course: 

Once you have logged into your account, you will land on your Personal Profile ‘Dashboard’.  If you scroll down to ‘Activity’ you will see that an ‘Unused Voucher’ has been added to your account. (For this example, we will use the Principles of Scrummaging Voucher to join the Principles of Scrummaging Course at Bracknell RFC).  


Once you can see your ‘Unused Voucher’ in the ‘Activity’ Section on your ‘Dashboard’, you will be able to proceed with your booking. You can do this by scrolling to the end of your ‘Dashboard’ page and selecting ‘Find a Course’. You can also do this by using the GMS Course Finder Search Tool here.  

Note: you cannot book courses from the Activity or the View Voucher page; you will need to locate the course first to add the voucher on.


Step 3- Find and Select the Course 

Following either of these steps will take you to the GMS Course Search where you can locate a course close to you. Once you have found the course, simply select it to find out further details.  


Once you have selected the course, a page will detail the final information regarding that specific course, including date, location and prerequisites. Click 'Book' in the top right corner.   

(For this demonstration we are going to join the Principles of Scrummaging Course at Bracknell RFC).

Step 4- Book onto Course

Once you have selected ‘Book’ in the top right hand corner of the page, you will be able to add the course to the ‘Basket’. To do this, simply select the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon under ‘Tickets’. You will now be able to select ‘Basket’ to proceed with payment for the course.  Once you have reached the ‘Basket’ please select ‘Checkout’ to proceed with the booking.  

If you have been provided with a direct URL link to the course from your club or org, you will then be prompted to log into GMS and will land on the ‘Purchase Page’ for the course and as per above steps simply click on the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon under ‘Tickets’ to add to the Basket and select Checkout. 

Step 5- Make Payment to Finish Booking

Once you have reached the ‘Checkout’ page you will need to accept the Terms & Conditions before ‘Adding’ the Voucher you have been assigned by clicking on the Red 'Add' Button.  

  • If this Voucher covers the course cost, you will be sent straight to a completed transaction screen 'Order Success' page as soon as you add the Voucher. 
  • If the Voucher only covers part of the course payment, when you select Pay Now’ you will need to pay the remaining balance on a card to confirm your place on the course.  Please confirm your billing address under Payment Method and enter your debit/credit details on the ‘Checkout’ page as per required. 


Step 6- Completed Booking

Following either part or full payment via the Voucher, you will see a completion screen, including a ‘Payment Reference’. To return to your ‘Dashboard’ please select ‘Finish’ on the top right toolbar.  


Our system will then generate course joining instructions and a confirmation email sent via the email associated to your account.  

If you need further confirmation, you can access this through the ‘Education’ Tab on your profile by select your ‘Account’ icon in the top right hand corner.  



On selecting the Education' Tab, a full list of accepted courses will appear. You can see the Bracknell Course example used here and an ‘Approved’ Status below to confirm the place on the course as demostration.   


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