GMS Update - 2nd September 2021

Please find below the release notes for the deployment that took place on the 2nd September: 

  • Fix to address error with assigning players to squads with teams with blank fields in the team details in Team Management.
  • Fix for Affiliations being counted toward the cap on effective registrations.  The cap of 100 players is on Effective Registered players.
  • Non-registered players contact category removed from Team Management as the Non-Registered player role has been removed and replaced with the optional 'player affiliation' in the adult game in the previous update.
  • Fix to enable Email function to the Player Management > Players List grid.
  • Update to the Player Management Module Dashboard, for the AG Players Yet to Affiliate from Last Season grid to return the total number on the dashboard. 
  • Removal of inactive teams showing on the Player by Team Lists on the Player Management Module dashboard.
  • Fix to correct no data loading under Club/Player Management in PRv12 for Women's Registrars.

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