Assigning Players to Teams

The ‘Team Management’ module is now enabled to distinguish between ‘Playing Squad’ and ‘All Club Players’.  Provided you have level 1, 3 or 5 permissions; squads can now be managed from a list of selected players, with the allocation of players to ‘Playing Squad’ via from ‘All Club Players’ able to take place by allocating single records or in bulk.  

Affiliated players, those that hold an existing effective registration and those players that were registered previously will now show under their relevant teams ‘All Club Players’ list based on their eligibility e.g. gender or age.

Follow the steps below to assign a player (or multiple players) to the ‘Playing Squad’:

  • Under 'Team Management' module > select the 'Team' you wish to administer> click on ‘All Club Players’
  • Search using the filters to select the player/s > click on ‘Assign to Team’

        **You can ‘Select All’ under the 'Tick' next to the name column to move all the players in bulk to the ‘Playing Squad’ in one go should you wish to.

  • Selected player/s will show in the ‘Playing Squad’ and will now also show as 'Assigned' under 'Player Category' in ‘All Club Players’

**You can remove players from the ‘Playing Squad’ or can export or email them if you select the player/s.

The Electronic Match Card (EMC) function selection logic has been updated to look at ‘Playing Squad’ Players who are affiliated or Effectively Registered.  'Match Card Administrator' role holders will be able to select players on the EMC from the relevant team's 'Playing Squad' list in 'Team Management'. This refined process of selection in EMC will speed up the process of searching for a player on a Match Card for administrators.

  • Please note, when entering a line-up on the EMC, if a player is not showing when searching, the most common reason that the player may not be appearing is that the player has not been 'assigned' to the relevant 'squad/team' of the line-up in question in the Team Management module.

In Adult rugby, players allocated to 1st XV teams participating in RFU leagues should be Effectively Registered (see below) as required by RFU regulation.  Any players that are not 'Effectively Registered' will show up on an EMC with (NR) next to their name – this is just to denote that they are not 'Effectively Registered'.  You will be prompted with an alert message to flag that this player/s are not 'Effectively Registered' when you assign to the ‘Playing Squad’ from ‘All Club Players’ in a team that requires 'Effective Registration'.

If you are unsure as to whether players need to be 'Effectively Registered' to compete in your competition, then please contact your League Secretary/Competition Organiser

For further information on EMC please refer to the guides on



How to make a player Effective Registered

  • If your players are interacting with the affiliation process, please ensure that any 'Pending Affiliations' are accepted before an Effective Registration is completed.
  • Log into PRv12 and under Senior Mens Registration or Club Player Management locate player (Reg Category is blank meaning not Effectively Registered yet but Active Status)
  • Click on 'Edit' to bring up the 'Registration' screen
  • Ensure all mandatory fields are filled in and 'Signature/Registration' box is ticked > Click 'Save'
  • The 'Reg Category' field will now show as 'Effective'

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