GMS Update - 16th August 2021

Please find below the release notes for the deployment that took place on the 16th August: 

  • Fix to address bulk approvals of affiliations requests using ‘select all’ on Player Management grids
  • Update to Team Management module players lists to return ‘expired’ player role holders so all players from previous season are visible to club admins, differentiating between those who are affiliated and those who are not. 
  • Fix to enable ‘email’ function from within ‘Playing Squad’ in Team Management
  • Update to bring ‘Members’ column into Pending Affiliations grid
  • Change to ‘Affiliate to Club’ button to ‘Affiliate as Player’ 
  • Introduced Players by Team numbers on Player Management dashboard - note clicking on the numbers do not forward to grids.
  • Fix to show only Adult Players via Adult Affiliations data on Dashboard

Please note, the 'Non-Registered' player role has been removed and replaced with the optional 'player affiliation' in the adult game. Electronic Match Card's will show players from the appropriate team's 'Playing Squad' in Team Management as available for selection.

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