Buying Memberships

When logging into GMS, under each club/organisation there will be a ‘Buy Membership’ button under the ‘My Organisations' box, or click on the ‘Buy a Membership’ for the correct family member under the green notification box.  Clicking on this which will direct you to the list of available memberships to purchase at that club for yourself or anyone linked to yourself by a relationship, plus any add on products.

Scroll through the list of memberships schemes that you want to purchase for yourself and click the trolley icon to add to the basket.

If you are also purchasing for another individual (relationships under Friends and Family) you can add this to the order by the below

  • Select the individual which will show memberships available for them
  • Scroll to find membership and select the trolley icon to add to the basket
  • This will add that membership into the Basket. Once all memberships are added, click 'View Basket' to see order and to continue to make payment select 'Checkout'.

If the membership scheme has been created to be taken by instalments and/or a one-off payment, under the order summary there will be the option of the payment plan; Pay in Full or Pay in Instalments. Clicking on Pay in Full will give you the option of either Direct Debit or Online Card.

Whereas, clicking on Pay in Instalments will only give you the option of Direct Debit. The Pay in Instalments will only appear in the membership is set up to take instalments. You can select the day in which you wish the payment to be taken.


Once you have selected the payment option click Pay Now. Enter your payment details and Continue to process. Details all correct, an Order Success screen will display, click Finish.

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