Account Verification

In order to create an account in GMS for an individual aged 18 or over, a unique email address must be attached to the account being created, this means the email address cannot already exist against an existing account.

It is imperative that the RFU are able to manage records of rugby competitions and of rugby players as efficiently as possible, and in compliance with Data Protection legislation (GDPR) we need to be able to determine that each record held in the GMS database corresponds to a unique person, and that we can manage the preferences of that person. For this reason, every record in GMS the email address must be VERIFIED as active. Email addresses that are already linked to a record in GMS can't be used for new records. 

When a new account is created an email verification link will be sent to the creator’s email address. All individuals that already have an account need to verify their email other than age grade records (as they are linked to a parent’s email address and they are not accessed directly, as child accounts should only be accessed and administered via the parents/linked adults account).   

If you have logged on your own account (not child accounts) and clicked on the 'Please Verify Account' box to verify your account on your dashboard as per example below.  After checking your junk and spam emails folder and you have not received the email to verify your account; then your internet service provider may be blocking or delaying bulk template notifications like these sent from GMS.  (Note if the case, these then sometimes can be delayed up to 6 hours). Please see the guide for 'Not Receiving Emails/ISP' and then try again to verify your account.

For Club Admins:

You can also assist users who have yet to verify their accounts by sending a reminder email. The email will contain a link which will allow users to verify their accounts. 

Firstly, navigate to the 'Module Menu' and select 'People' module. This will take you to the 'People Dashboard'.

Once on the 'People Dashboard', navigate to the 'Verification and usage' widget on the bottom right hand side. Click the 'Email not verified Adult' link highlighted in red.

Select the users you wish to sent the verification email to. Once you have done this, click the 'More' button in the top right hand corner. This will then show a drop down list where you can select 'Send verification Email'

Once you have sent this, you will receive a notification (in a blue banner at the top of the page) indicating that the verification email has been sent to the user.

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