GMS Release - 28th September 2020

Please find below the release notes from the GMS deployment on the 28th September: 

  • Update to the Player Registration Updates function to incorporate all re-registrations, each time an Age Grade player re-registers, this will appear as a notification within the Player Registration Updates grid, accessible via 'My Tasks' for administrators with relevant access at their club. Descriptions of updates made to records have been updated to ensure clarity on field that has been amended against the record.
  • Fix to the export function in membership list to populate 'relationship' information
  • Fix to rectify active memberships grid information from dashboard in 'People' module
  • Removal of Register to Play button on details page, ensuring single point of entry for Age Grade Player Registrations on personal profile
  • Fix to include gender as exportable field within 'People' module
  • Update to improve page loading times in Team Management module

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