GMS Release - 10th August 2020

Please see below release notes from the GMS deployment that took place on the 10th August.

  • Updates to Course Booking templates, allowing for e-learning course bookings
  • Additional column added to the 'Players' grid within Team Management module, showing Registration Date for a player. Enabler to track re-registrations for Age Grade teams
  • Fix to the 'Last Updated' column within the 'Players' grid within Team Management module to show timestamp to last update against the record
  • Fix to resolve 'add player' issue within 'Players' grid within 'Team Management' module
  • Update to enable edit of preferred playing position on Age Grade registration form
  • Enhanced view of Player History within Personal profile module, showcasing previous season data against a record that has been selected on an Electronic Match Card 
  • Addition of the 'Quick Add' of roles within Personal Profile when logged in as a club administrator
  • Fix to resolve inability to remove relationships from individual records
  • Fix to enable users with no permission levels to view their own DBS status
  • Fix to resolve 'page not found' error when selecting 'Apply for DBS', this was not affecting all users
  • Fix to resolve 'add fixture' error being caused when selecting participating team within fixtures grid of Team Management module
  • Fix to resolve error when selecting certain individual profiles via 'People' grid, this was not affecting all users
  • Fix to allow 'add people' when email address matches an existing record in the database, recognising the need for a unique email address

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