Known Issues Log (last updated 2/12/21)

Information regarding known issues with GMS will appear in this list so users can track items that are currently being reviewed and awaiting a fix.

It may be helpful to check this list if you feel you have found an issue that needs to be logged with us. If the item does not appear, please raise the query via the 'Submit a Help Request' function. Confirmed release dates will also appear here where possible.

Current Known Issues:

  • Weekly Club Stats summary emails.  The permissions/security error message was fixed in an earlier deployment.  But we are aware that some of the links on the club stat summary email do not follow through and this is being investigated. 
  • The list of Qualifications to search under People > Everyone Grid under Qualifications Awarded is being reviewed and shortened, along with improvements to the Club Training Report to be updated in the summer with further communication to come out. 
  • Some users getting error message when resetting their password for 'Forgot Password link could be verified' where users have multiple usernames on the one account and entering the username which is currently blocked.  This is being investigated.
  • We are aware that the Activity box on personal dashboard is showing a number of unread emails and does not match to the number of unread/read email in Communications and this is being investigated
  • Users are unable to remove past schools - although editing schools is available on player affiliation forms by the parents. This is currently being reviewed.
  • Error message displays when booking the Headcase course stating 'Standard price has sold out and can no longer be purchased'.
  • Some users have received emails regarding Team line up flagging inactive players, this is currently being looking into and investigated.  
  • The Add to Group function is currently not working, so individuals cannot be added to an existing or new group which is currently being worked on.
  • Under the Education tab some qualifications are not showing - this is being investigated as a priority.
  • When parents are affiliating to a club and they select a school, under the My Organisation widget it currently switches to display the school instead of the club/org.  This is being investigated as a priority and should be resolved shortly to display as the club they are affiliating to under My Organisations.

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