Known Issues Log

Information regarding known issues with GMS will appear in this list so users can track items that are currently being reviewed and awaiting a fix.

It may be helpful to check this list if you feel you have found an issue that needs to be logged with us. If the item does not appear, please raise the query via the 'Submit a Help Request' function.

Current Known Issues:

  • Under 6 records and registration; clubs are not currently being notified if a previous U6 player now registers as an U7 via the 're-registration' process. A solution to the notification is currently being investigated.
  • Bulk Upload Function via Add People; ability to bulk upload records via the 'add people' function currently producing error. This is being investigated. Individuals should be encouraged to manage their own record in GMS. Please be mindful that individuals can login to GMS and add themselves to a club via the 'add' function next to 'My Organisations' on their personal dashboard, visible when logging into GMS.
  • Booking on to 'Game changers' courses, when receiving a direct link to the 'Game changers' course some users have reported having issues adding the course to the basket. This is due to the course being full. We are currently working with our 3rd party supplier to improve the signposting on this page to notify users that the course does not have any available places.
  • An issue affecting a number of users when accessing 'groups' to email within the 'People' is currently undergoing a fix, this functionality will be available once again following the next planned release at the beginning of March.

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