How to request auto de-registration of Age Grade players

How to request auto de-registration of Age Grade players

Clubs can now submit a request through the GMS Help Portal for their Age Grade players to be automatically de-registered in GMS ahead of the 20/21 season. 


Why would I want to de-register our players?

Player Registrations in GMS do not currently expire at the end of each season and roll over to the following season automatically. This has seen many records become out of date and a challenge for club administrators to maintain accurate data. It is the RFU's intention to support accurate data collection by introducing an automatic de-registration process ahead of the 21/22 season. However, we are supportive of clubs wishing to undertake this process a season earlier. By encouraging parents to login to GMS and update their childs details and re-register with their club, administrators will obtain an accurate view of who is at their club and their up to date information. 


Do parents still need to login and update their child's details if we decide to not request a de-registration of our Age Grade players?

Under RFU Regulation 15, all age groups except U11 and U12 are required to complete annual online registration for the 20/21 season. We are encouraging all clubs to ask parents to login to GMS and update both theirs and their childs records, in preparation for the new season.


Who can submit a request to automatically de-register Age Grade players at a club?

This request should be submitted by the club's Age Grade Registrar.


How do I request the automatic de-registration of players at my club?

Please submit a 'help request' stating your club.


When will the de-registration take place?

We will look to complete the de-registration task on the Monday following the submission of your request.

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