Managing Affiliations as a Club Administrator

AG Players that were ‘Registered’ in 21/22 can ‘Renew Affiliation’ to their club for the 2022-23 season without the need for club administrators to approve, only new ‘Affiliations’ require club approval as of the 1st July 2022.

Once you are logged into GMS, you will now land on your 'Personal Profile' which can show you notifications of tasks and activities requiring action. See What is My Personal Profile guide for more details on 'Profiles' and the 'Dashboard'.


Administrators are able to navigate to the other modules they have access to by clicking on the module menu (little 9 grid icon) as per normal in the top left hand corner, where the functionality for the other modules has not changed.

Click on the 2 arrows icon to switch between clubs/organisations if you are linked to more than one. 

If you have a Registrar role/s and permissions 3 or 5 you will have 'Pending Affiliations' and 'Notifications' boxes with notifications relevant for your assigned club role on your dashboard.  If you click on these links, they will take you straight to the grid of pending player requests that meet the relevant criteria.

All Age Grade players will be unaffiliated for season 21/22 on 1st July 2022 in line with annual Age Grade affiliation. This process requires parents/guardians to affiliate their child annually after this date for the current season (2022-23).  Parents/Guardians simply need to log in and complete the 'Renew Affiliation' form for their child and club administrators do not need to approve renewed affiliations.  Please see the 'Renewal AG Affiliations for Parents' guide with an instructional video.   

The 'Notifications' box with 'Player Affiliation Updates' flags notifications for 'Player Affiliations Renewals' in a grid where individuals have renewed the affiliation with the club and also shows any changes made to the personal details for an affiliated player, such as, change of address.  

This can be accessed from clicking from your 'Notifications' widget, or from the new 'Player Management' modules Dashboard, as per example below;


Once a parent has completed an Age Grade Player Affiliation this will show as a notification in the 'Pending Age Grade Affiliations' notifications on your Personal Profile dashboard if you are assigned the Age Grade Registrar Role with level 3 or 5 permissions at your club.

'Pending Player Affiliations' will appear in a grid that allows administrators to view individuals that have affiliated with the club.  

You can now select 'Affiliate' or 'Do not Affiliate' to reject any incorrect ones for multiple Player Affiliations, with the option of applying these operations in bulk instead of individually should you wish.  Once Affiliated, the status on the players profile will go from 'Active' to 'Pending' and they will show in the relevant (Age Grade) team under Team Management in the 'All Club Players' menu. These players can then be assigned to the appropriate squad. 

Club Age Grade Administrators will no longer have access to Youth Registration under Player Registration v12 module. 

Registrars can now 'Unaffiliate' (de-register) affiliated players (in bulk) via the 'Player Management' Module > 'Players' menu, see example below for the highlighted AG player;

Note: Registered and Effectively Registered adult Players will still need to be de-registered in Player Registration module v12 as per normal.   Please see the guide Delete Or Remove From Club/De-Register A Player if you don’t know how to do this.

Please see below for the Step by Step video:

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