Age Grade Player Affiliation For A Parent/Guardian

Age Grade Registration will be referred to as ‘Player Affiliation’ in the Age Grade game from 21/22. 

This guide will show how a parent/guardian can complete a 'Player Affiliation' for a new child/Age Grade player. (For 'Renewing a Player Affiliation' please refer to that guide).

Once you have an account and added on your child to your account (see the guide 'How to Create an Account'), then on the 'Personal Profile Dashboard' there should be a notification in the 'What Next?' Green box to action a 'Player Affiliation' for your child.

Simply click on this link in the dashboard for the ‘Affiliate to a club’ for your child and complete the Player Affiliation Form, then click 'SAVE'.  You will then receive an automated email and your club will need to approve the player affiliation and once they do, then your child will be an active affiliated player and ready to play rugby.

**You can also click on your child’s account under 'Family and Friends' on the left hand side of your Personal Profile Dashboard and access the same ‘Affiliate to a club’ link on their dashboard as well.

**Note when you first see the dashboard and there is no green box, then clicking on the action icon (circled in red below) will reveal the actions within the green box.

Some details will be auto populated in this Player Affiliation form; such as the same address as the linked adult and you will simply need to add or choose the details to complete the form with the chosen club, playing position, school details, medical details/conditions and Emergency contact.  You can edit or amend any incorrect details by clicking on the + icon or the pencil icon and the in-page screen menu appears to edit details. 

Under the 'Player Affiliation Form' fill out all the mandatory details and then just click 'SAVE'.

The parent will then receive an automated email confirming completion of the Age Grade Affiliation Request, and this will now show as amber which is pending under the player status on your child's profile until the Age Grade Registrar at your club approves the request. 

Once the 'Age Grade Registrar' at your club has approved the request, you will be sent one last email at this stage confirming that your child is now an affiliated player at your chosen club, and then the status changes to green under the club in your child’s profile and the 'Player Affiliation' is now complete. 

Please see below video for Step by Step guide:

Check out how to do this if you are using GMS on your mobile. Please see

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