What is My Personal Profile?

This guide will cover basic navigation around your Personal Profile and features on your Profile Dashboard.  Once logged in to GMS you will be taken to your Personal Profile Dashboard.  See guide How to Reset Your Password for any issues with logging onto GMS. 

Personal Profile Dashboard

From here you may see 'Verify Account' in the top left box (if you have verified your account this box will not show), 'Action Alerts' (top right next to Edit) and 'Activity' needed (such as Communications to read or Unpaid Orders for clubs which utilise Memberships in GMS) and Notifications to Action in Green 'What's Next' Dashboard box.

To edit or change your personal details, please see the guide How do I Edit My Account/Personal Profile.

My Teams: Shows if you have a role and are assigned to a team such as U15 (Not shown in this example)
My Organisations:  Can add another club or organisation to your list using the '+Add' button.  Note by adding a club or organisation is just linking your record to the record to the club, you may still need to buy membership or affiliate as a player.

**Please note you can't remove organisations - please contact your club or org admin and ask them to remove you from the club or organisation.    

If you have the relevant role and permission, your dashboard will also display Pending Affiliations and Notifications on the right hand side and also the menu app (next to the red rose icon) in the top left corner to navigate to your club organisations modules if you are a club administrator.  Please see Managing Affiliations as a Club Administrator guide for more details on these tasks and activities requiring action.

Click on your profile image circle icon in the top right hand corner and you will access the full Profile menu as per example below and also Sign Out of GMS. 

Full Profile Menu

Dashboard: Personal Profile

Details: Edit Personal Details see guide for How do I edit my Account/Personal Profile Details?

Roles: List of Roles held as admin

Organisations: Lists of Clubs, Areas, schools/universities and societies

Qualifications: List of certain Qualifications Awarded 

Self Service Qualifications: Can add external non RFU accredited qualifications on here

Family: List of family linked to your account and can also Add or Remove Family Members here

Credentials: Pin, Password and Username

Communication: Communication Preferences

Communication History: Emails received through GMS

Product Orders: Details of any Orders

Memberships: Details of your Membership schemes

Events: Events Details

Direct Debits: Details of Direct Debits

Education: Booking History of all courses and attended Qualifications 

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