How To Edit My Account/Personal Profile Details

This guide will cover how to edit your personal details on your account.  For more information on your personal profile dashboard, please see the guide What is my Personal Profile.   

Once logged into GMS you will be navigated to your Personal Profile Dashboard; there are 3 locations to amend or edit your details as per below:

  • Under Family and Friends on the left hand side, click on the three dots '...' icon and click on Edit Details 
  • Click the Edit button in the top banner  
  • Click on your profile image circle icon in the top right hand corner of the page, and under the Profile menu, click on Details

After clicking on Edit, you are then taken to the next screen to edit details by clicking on any of the pencil  or '…' icons which allow you to Edit Details (shown by red arrows).  Or, you can add new additional ones by clicking on the '+' icons to Add New (shown by blue arrows).  

An in-page screen opens on the right hand of the screen for you to edit, or add the relevant details and then click Save.

**Please note that if you have a DBS, or are a registered player, you may not be able to edit some details yourself like Name and DOB which are greyed out, so please raise a ticket for further assistance.

For Age Grade players, if you need to edit the player's school please see the guide How do I update details against a child record that has an active affiliation.  If the medical conditions and emergency contacts are blocked/greyed out, please check that you have not logged under the Age Grade child account. If so, please log out and log back into the linked parental adult account to amend these details.

Please see the video for step by step guide:

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