Missing Qualifications/Education/Headcase Courses


The only courses that now show under the Qualifications tab in users profiles are;

ERCA – Coaching Award

ERRA – Refereeing Award

EFARU – First Aid certificate

E-Learning Courses

The remaining ones will now show under the Education tab as Attended, and not in the Qualification tab.   


** The Education tab will also show any previous orders for courses, so may have rejected/cancelled/approved Status as it is booking history of all of a users courses. 

To chase up any missing courses, if not showing on their Education or Qualification tab and checking for duplicate accounts, then please raise a ticket.   

Do not use the self-service to upload missing RFU accredited courses, as this will show as status un-confirmed in your Qualifications.

Please note if you have any issues with booking courses and have fulfilled all the pre-requisites on the course then please use the submit a help request form here or from the homepage.

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