Delete Or Remove From Club/De-Register A Player

The process outlined below for Club administrators is a reminder of the ongoing need to periodically review and remove any records that no longer need to be held by the club.


Note: removing from club only removes the record from displaying in your clubs/orgs database; the record will still remain on the GMS database for the individual to access. 

Also, if the individual has an active Membership, you will not be able to remove individual from club whilst it is active

Please note, in December 2020, the RFU communicated with Age Grade Registrars and Data Officers regarding the deletion of duplicated email addresses attached to U15 Age Grade Players. This specific action to help clean some of the data in GMS is an automated process that did not require club action and was completed in December 2020.


- If individual has no player registration, follow the steps below to ‘Remove from Club’.   You will need permission level 2 or above to access the People Module.  

  • From the ‘Everyone' Grid search and select the individual you wish to remove. 
  • Choose the 'More' button (top right hand corner) > select ‘Remove From Club’ from the drop down list.  
  • On the next screen enter the reason why in the comments box and click 'OK' in the top right corner.



Does the individual have a registration?

If so, navigate to the Player Management v12 module to ‘de-register’ for Adult Men and Women individuals as per the steps below before you can ‘Remove From Club’ in GMS.  You will need permission level 3 or 5 and the relevant Registrar role to access the PRv12 Module.  

  • In Player Reg v12 module select ‘Club/Player Management’ from left side menu
  • Search under Status: All to locate the player/s and click on the ‘De-Register’ button in top right hand corner. 
  • Click ‘OK’ in the pop-up box ‘De-register Confirm’.
**Please note, when you de-register an adult male player it's take a day for this de-registration to process, and to show this in their GMS profile before you can remove from club.  Women are effective on the same day.

You can navigate back to GMS to ‘Remove from Club’ for Women Players or after one day for Adult Male players as per steps above.

A red notification will appear on screen, if the user has an affiliation on GMS, which can be removed by navigating to the 'Player Management' Module and removing the player from there (process shown at the bottom of this guide):

'Affiliated players cannot be de-registered in this area. Please navigate to the 'Player Management' module within GMS and use the 'Unafilliate' grid action to remove affiliated players.'

 The red notification only indicates that a player will need to be removed from the 'Player Management' Module as a reminder, not as a blocker to de-registering a player. 


Does the individual have an affiliation?

If they are an AG Player, or an adult player with an affiliation then you will need to ‘Unaffiliate’ them in the Player Management module in GMS before you can ‘Remove From Club’.  You will need permission levels 3 or 5 to access this module.

  • Navigate to the Player Management Module in GMS > Players Menu
  • Locate the user/s and click ‘Unaffiliate’ button in the top right hand corner
  • You can now ‘Remove From Club’ as per the steps above


In the circumstance where a parent is linked to an Age Grade player and is linked to the club, the parent cannot be removed.   In this circumstance the parent will be re-added to the club and you may see the message user ‘cannot be fully removed’. This is due to the Age Grade player requiring a parent to be liked to them at the club. Should you wish to remove the Age Grade player, please follow the steps above.

Remove From Club in Bulk/Not individually 

You can remove individuals from clubs in bulk, rather than individually.  Under the People Module > Everyone Grid and using the filter search on the right hand side of the screen you can locate and select all the users you wish to remove, and then under 'More' go to ‘Remove From Club’.   In the next screen enter the reason why in the comments box and click OK in the top right corner.


You can also use the search filter on the right hand side, to define for groups, for example like age/roles/relationships etc to extract by groups for removal.  




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